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We offer the space and opportunity to build a self sustainable community of law abiding citizens who will take pride in become contributing members of society. H.O.P.E. plans to address the multifaceted issues of the homeless community. In California 23% of the homeless population is severely mentally ill. In addition approximately 17% exhibit chronic substance abuse behavior.

Approximately 27% are chronically homeless and have been for many years. We meet the immediate and essential needs of select individuals from the homeless population and screened disaster survivors, wrap-around services including and not limited to mental health and medical needs, life skills education, training, and job placement in a safe transitional setting.

Our organization is helping to change the world, one project
at a time, one life at a time. Help us to help others.


Team Helping HOPE During Storm

Sept. 2020

Abundant Manifestations

Emergency Equestrian Supply Distribution

Sept. 2020

Grocery Shopping for Senior Citizens

Mar. 2020

We held this event to hand out lunches to school children. Many were out of school due to the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Free Kids Lunches

Mar. 2020

We held this event to hand out lunches to school children. Many were out of school due to the CoronaVirus pandemic.

Propane Giveaways

Mar. 2020

With such a ongoing need for propane we organized & conducted multiple propane giveaways where struggling people could bring a empty propane tank & exchange it for a full tank. We exchanged approximately $30,000 worth of propane total.

Serving the Community

Feb. 2020

We took part in many community clean ups in Grass Valley, CA.

Rescued birds from the Kincaid Fire

Nov. 2019

We successfully rescued & re-homed pigeons, ducks, geese, chickens, a rooster & even a turkey from survivors who lost their homes in the Kincaid Fire.

Kincaid Fire Adopt-A-Family

Oct. 2019

We started this popular Facebook group to help needy families affected by the Kincaid / Sonoma wild fire. Families were connected with resources & supporters.

Paradiso Park Cleanup

Sept. 2019

We organized & took part in a event an Los Banos, CA where community members helped us clean up a neighborhood park. We pulled weeds, picked up trash, did landscaping and more. A few of the board members appeared on the local TV show “Los Banos Today” to discuss this event prior to the clean up day.

Car Donation

Aug. 2019

Elizabeth T. donated a used car to us to help a struggling Camp Fire Survivor.

School Supply Drive

Aug. 2019

We helped fill 200 backpacks with essential school supplies such as paper, pencils, notebooks ect. and donated them to fire survivor’s school children aged at an event in Chico, CA.

Emergency Housing

July 2019

We help individuals facing homelessness and who are in need of temporary housing by connecting them to local resources. In a few emergency situations our team members have brought them into their private property to help get them off the streets. We help them sign up for food stamps, get their medical situations taken care of, helped them with clothing ect. And more. There has been 26 people who have lived on the property throughout the years and have transitioned onto their next steps in life.

Food Giveaways

July 2019

We conducted many of these events to help fire survivors with much needed groceries. We have handed out thousands of dollars worth of groceries to date. These giveaways will continue as needed.

Gas, Propane and Tarp Giveaway

Jan. 2019

We organized this event to help Camp Fire survivors who needed tarps for various emergency purposes and 500 tarps were distributed.

These events continue to be held at gas stations in Butte County, CA. Gas was the #1 need for many fire survivors. The stress of not having gas was overwhelming to many. We filled Survivor’s vehicles with over $20,000 worth of gasoline and filled endless tanks of propane.

Paradise Fire Adopt-A-Family

Nov. 2018

We raised over $10,000 for Camp Fire survivors auctioning off items handmade by fire survivors themselves.

Paradise Fire Adopt-A-Family

Nov. 2018

Our team members were a huge part of the driving force behind this 37,000 member Facebook group. Survivors would come to this group for help & supporters would come to find survivors to help. We spent weeks after the fire at the FEMA Center in Chico, CA working at the P.F.A.A.F booth listening to stories of the fire, helping people locate loved ones & helping people find resources they need. We took part in many events P.F.A.A.F organized to help fire survivors.

Walmart Parking Lot Giveaway

Nov. 2018

Immediately after the deadly Camp Fire in Butte County, CA. we set up a donation area in the Walmart parking lot in Chico, CA. where 1,000’s of fire survivors were staying in tents. We handed out 100’s of hygiene kits, bottled water, blankets, clothing & handmade food to those in need.

Grass Valley Housing

We are currently focused on housing and are building adobe homes on our nonprofit property in Grass Valley, California.
The community members we serve give back in many ways and helping to build these structures is just one of them. It’s a circle of productivity that is priceless and inspiring.

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We cannot help these people without the help of donations.
“Thank you” to all who have donated and continue to support our mission!  

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